The Paul Beau cognacs

First nose : woody notes, then soaked grape and vanilla
Evolution : mouthwatering flavors, warm fruits, flowery notes after swirling, peer and caramel
Mouth : sharp attack, without agressivity
Evolution : supple and bright, well balanced
Ending : fresh, leaving notes of grape and blooming flowers with a hint of wood

To sum it up, this VSOP is supple, balanced, fruits oriented and leaves a fresh feeling in mouth

Awarded 4 times (gold and silver) at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris since 2000.

The Vieille Réserve
First nose : round, with a woody dominance and a resinous touch
Evolution : notes of wax, peach, cedar wood and dry flowers
Mouth : quite supple
Evolution : a slight bitterness, with woody and flowery notes

This cogna lies on woody notes with flavors of baked fruits (peach, apricot) and wax
The Hors d'Age
First nose : complex, very nice rancio, cherry plum marmelade and honey
Evolution : cocoa, ripe peer, butter, poire blette, beurre frais, great aromatic flavors
Mouth : rancio, richness and complexity
Evolution : spices (nutmeg) and tobacco, flowers, with a great and long finish

This cognac has a complex, powerful and impressive rancio, and a rich aromatic range.

Awarded 8 times (gold and silver) at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris since 2000.

The Pineaux Paul Beau

After pressuring the grapes, the fermentation of the "must" is stopped by adding cognac, and this blend is put into oak casks (12 months for the white pineau, 8 months for the red pineau). The color of the pineau depends on the grape variety used to make it : ugni blanc for the white pineau, merlot for the red pineau.

The pineau is a wonderful dessert wine.

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